Franchise Opportunities

You wanna pizza this?

Franchising and licensing opportunities.

The fast-casual pizza market is the fastest growing sector in the restaurant industry. Convenience and customization continues to top the consumer’s list in deciding where to dine out. Fast Fired provides freshness, authenticity, sustainability and customization in a welcoming, modern, and convenient atmosphere. The Fast Fired team guides you every step of the way to owning your own, fully operational location. From helping with location selection, to training you and your staff, we take pride in watching you succeed. As an option for the certain partner who is simply looking to invest in the opportunity, we also provide full turn-key restaurant locations and operate them on the behalf of the partner.

If you live in an area where you see an opportunity fit for a Fast Fired location, please fill out the questionnaire below. One of our team members will then reach out to you to start the exciting process to owning your own Fast Fired location.