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The fast-casual pizza market is the fastest growing sector in the restaurant industry. Convenience and customization continues to top the consumer’s list in deciding where to dine out. Fast Fired provides freshness, authenticity, sustainability and customization in a welcoming, modern, and convenient atmosphere. The Fast Fired team guides you every step of the way to owning your own, fully operational location. From helping with location selection, to training you and your staff, we take pride in watching you succeed. As an option for the certain partner who is simply looking to invest in the opportunity, we also provide full turn-key restaurant locations and operate them on the behalf of the partner.

If you live in an area where you see an opportunity fit for a Fast Fired location, please fill out the questionnaire by helping us answer your questions most effectively. One of our team members will then reach out to you to start the exciting process to owning your own Fast Fired location.

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Fast-Fired Franchise Opportunties



Fast casual restaurants are typically an order from the counter experience, where customers walk the line along an open concept kitchen, select their exact toppings for a truly customized experience. Being able to order directly from the chef preparing your pizza or salad has become the new wave of ordering in the restaurant industry. The process is engaging, easy, and fast.

Quality and taste

Carbone offers only the freshest local ingredients, while importing from Italy what can't be imitated. To cook, a blistering hot 850-degree oven is put to use, so it’s fast. Providing fresh, local, and healthy ingredients while being able to accommodate many allergies and lifestyle choices is a key to success.

High quality, endless toppings and finishes

  • Start the experience by selecting either pizza or salad
  • Hand-stretched dough – tradition, whole wheat or gluten free, made fresh in house each morning
  • Choose from 5 sauces: classic tomato, spicy tomato, classic white, roasted garlic or pesto
  • Choose from 7 cheeses: mozzarella, bocconcini, vegan mozzarella, ricotta, goat cheese, feta, parmigiana
  • Choose from 19 fresh toppings
  • Choose from 9 finishing dressings: extra virgin olive oil, chilli oil, Cholula, sriracha, garlic oil, arugula, sea salt, cracked pepper and oregano
  • Cooks in the special high heat gas fired ovens heating up to 850 degrees in 180 seconds!
  • Licenced with a selection of wine and beer

Endless toppings. One price.

A price point of $11.95 is quite appealing to consumers!

Connected with our customers

Carbone developed a state-of-the-art website for the Fast Fired brand allowing for online orders, app downloads, reward tracking, and more. Customers can also learn about the brand, upcoming initiatives, and experience live updates from the Fast Fired social media pages directly from the website.

Carbone also developed a custom app for the Fast Fired brand, available on the App Store and Google Play, to cater to the millennial audience, maximize convenience and collect consumer data for direct marketing initiatives.

Customer can order online, pay and track rewards on their mobile device, earning their way to FREE PIZZA!

  • Modern, trendy
  • features an open concept kitchen
  • crisp white and bold red imagery on the walls
  • #PizzaLover seating spot for hashtag lovers
  • Concrete floors and marble table tops
  • Stainless steel kitchen equipment
  • Digital menu boards
  • HD TVs
  • Pop/Hip Hop expletive free music mix


  • $150K to $800K
  • Turn-key build cost
  • Typical footprint 300 – 1,500 sq ft.

Franchise Licensing Fee:

  • $30,000 per location

Royalty Fee:

  • 6% on gross annual sales

Marketing Fee:

  • 1% on gross annual sales

Equity (Cash Required):

  • Min 40-50% in unencumbered funds
  • Financial institution of your choice
  • Our management team has a combined 17 years experience (more?) to ensure your investment is set for success

Real Estate Experts

  • The Carbone real estate team will help provide assistance in securing the right location for you.


  • Carbone provides an extensive training program along with manuals, systems and assistance in getting your location from the starting stages, to staffed up and running smoothly.

Carbone is excited to offer lucrative business opportunities to strategic partners who see as much value in the Canadian market as we do.

Your success is our success.


  • One price. Endless Toppings.
  • Fast, fresh, quality custom pizzas and salads
  • Cooked fast in 180 seconds
  • Turn key operations
  • Modern fast casual atmosphere
  • Experienced marketing support
  • Extensive training support
  • Highly skilled management support team
  • Booming fast casual market space

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