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Where did Fast Fired come from?

Fast Fired came from the pizza lovers who started Carbone Restaurant Group in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Do you have gluten-friendly options?

Yes! We make gluten-free dough that’s vegan! We do our best to cook your pizza in a gluten-free environment, however, our oven has traces of semolina flour. We do our very best to limit any contact with surfaces that may have been exposed to flour.

Where do you get your tomato sauces from?

We make all our sauces in-house daily. The tomatoes in our sauce are imported from Italy!

Do you have vegan options?

Yes! All our dough types are vegan, and we have daiya vegan cheese.

Can I own a Fast Fired location?

Yes! We would be happy to start talking about the exciting opportunites we have available, click here to fill out our application form.

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